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Amigo Insulator Medium Stable Rug
Amigo Insulator Medium Stable Rug from £59.50
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Ariat Telluride H20
Ariat Telluride H20 from £124.99
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Roeckl London Glove in Navy
Roeckl London Deluxe Glove £36.99
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Schockemohle London Bridle side View
Schockemohle London Bridle £110.00
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Embroidered Saddlecloths

November 18, 2014

Hi everyone, So in our last blog we talked about adding an embroidery section to our website, today i'd like to show you how far we have got with that. Our new system will allow you to add text, choose the font, choose the colour and change text size. This will give you full control over how your embroidery appears.  We are still adding some interesting new features to the system - hopefully including uploading your logos to be embroidered - so there will still be a little wait before this goes live.  That's all for now, just a short update with what we are doing!

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October 30, 2014

Hi everyone, As you may guess from the title of this blog, we're here to talk about embroidery. More specifically, next Wednesday we receive our very own professional embroidery machine. This is a really exciting development for us and we hope it allows us to offer embroidery at far cheaper prices that previously - which was high mainly due to all the courier costs!     We will try to get a system integrated with the website a.s.a.p. which will allow you to customise your items before you buy them (and hopefully see what they will look like). If you're in the West Sussex area though, feel free to bring anything you need embroidered after Wednesday and we should be...

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The Schockemöhle Show Season

October 09, 2014

Hi everyone, As the show season draws to a close (bar a few Felbridge shows!) it feels like a great time to look back on what we have been up to. Our major undertaking this summer was the Schockemöhle stands. This involved LOTS of orange, picture below: We attended both Hickstead meetings - Derby and Royal International - as well as traveling further north to SCOPE. In the photo above you can see Franz Schockemöhle 2nd on the left, he's the CEO of Schockemöhle Sports and an all round hilarious guy. He kindly agreed to travel over and help us out himself - very hands on! The Schockemöhle experience was a lot of fun and I was amazed at...

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Fitting a Riding Hat

September 17, 2014

Hi everyone, Simon from Track Right here. As part of the day to day business of the shop I fit a lot of riding hats and I want to help clear up a few of the major questions I am frequently asked. What makes someone a trained riding hat fitter? Is having a new riding hat fitted really necessary? SNELL, BSEN, PAS - what do all these mean? How do I actually fit a riding hat? I'm not sure my riding hat fits, can it be fixed? Before we start, a little on my experience with fitting hats... I was professionally trained by Charles Owen, one of the most prominent British riding hat companies. After receiving my shiny certificate I...

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