Long Riding Boots - Achieving the Perfect Fit

Hey everyone, Simon back with another Track Right Tack Talk! Today, we're diving into the world of long riding boots and how to achieve that perfect fit. Whether you're a seasoned equestrian or just getting started, the right pair of boots can elevate your riding experience in both style and performance.

The Importance of a Snug Fit

When you first try on a new pair of long riding boots, they should feel snug. This is crucial because leather naturally stretches over time, and a boot that's too loose initially will become even looser with wear. Check out the above Instagram video for a visual demonstration of this.

Finding the Right Height

Boot height is another critical factor. If your boots are too short, they'll only get shorter as they crease around the ankle. Conversely, boots that are too tall can be extremely difficult to break in. Boots typically drop by about 1.5cm-2cm, depending on the leather type, so keep this in mind!

Tips for Finding Your Perfect Fit

  • Consider the Leather Type: Different types of leather have varying degrees of stretch. Softer leathers will give more than stiffer ones, so factor this in when choosing your boot size.
  • Measure Your Calf: Measure the circumference of your calf at its widest point to determine your calf size.
  • Measure Your Height: Measure from the back of your knee (slightly bent) to the ground to get an accurate idea of the ideal boot height for you.
  • Try on Boots with Riding Socks: Always try on riding boots with the socks you typically wear when riding to ensure a proper fit.
  • Don't Forget to Move Around: Take a few steps in the boots to see how they feel when you move. They should be snug and a little tall.

Be Patient with the Break-In Process

Long riding boots require a bit of breaking in to achieve that perfect fit. Be patient and wear them around the house or for shorter rides initially. The leather will gradually mold to your leg shape, resulting in a comfortable and supportive fit.

Remember: Your riding boots are an investment in your comfort and performance. Take the time to find the perfect fit, you'll be rewarded for it.

Need More Help?

If you need further assistance, be sure to check out our two-part Instagram video series - both parts can be found above. And as always, don't hesitate to reach out to our knowledgeable team at Track Right Equestrian for personalized advice.