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The Schockemöhle Show Season

Hi everyone,

As the show season draws to a close (bar a few Felbridge shows!) it feels like a great time to look back on what we have been up to.

Our major undertaking this summer was the Schockemöhle stands. This involved LOTS of orange, picture below:

We attended both Hickstead meetings - Derby and Royal International - as well as traveling further north to SCOPE. In the photo above you can see Franz Schockemöhle 2nd on the left, he's the CEO of Schockemöhle Sports and an all round hilarious guy. He kindly agreed to travel over and help us out himself - very hands on!

The Schockemöhle experience was a lot of fun and I was amazed at the reception we received around the circuit. Before this year I saw the brand as an up and comer; something that will be big soon. After touring round though, so many people know the Schockemöhle name (and not just because of Paul!) and respect the quality of the products. We had a blast at each show, especially nice to see returning customers from the previous year telling us how well the products have performed - quite a relief in this trade... Below is a picture of us at SCOPE:

SCOPE was a new experience for us, neither me or Sandra had been before. Having spoken to quite a few of the local jumpers we weren't entirely sure what to expect but it turned out to be a really lovely show; if we ignore the wet weather. Again, everyone seemed to know the Schockemöhle products which showed it wasn't just a local thing to us near Hickstead.

So yes, I'm expecting bigger and better things for the Schockemöhle brand in the coming year. From what I've seen already we can expect some amazing silicon knee Breeches, new stirrups and an absolute ton of new bridle styles! If you wanted more bling, you will be happy.

Although nothing is set in stone, you will probably see us in 2015 at even more shows with lots of orange. Until then though, you can find everything Schockemöhle right here.

October 09, 2014 by Simon Bartlett
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